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Hope Lane (she/her)
Producing content that clicks.

I’m Hope

Let’s get personal – I grew up in the SoCal suburbs of Cypress; I was inspired through dance classes, drew in a sketch book every day and was constantly annoying my friends with my point-and-shoot camera. From an early age I was a creative and content creator who just wanted to capture memories.

Since then, I’ve graduated from FIDM Los Angeles (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) with a degree in Visual Communications, and began my career at Volcom. Starting as an intern in Retail Marketing and progressing through jobs in various departments from marketing to finance, then ending as the Art Department Project Manger.

In the last 5 years I have fully pursued my passion of content creating through photo and video and social media management, producing for several types of clients from hospitality with food, beverage, event and travel, to product with clothing and accessories, services like insurance, music artists and weddings. I love staying on top of trends, then personalizing to a brand when it comes to creating.

As a queer indigenous woman I’m also passionate about LGBTQ+ / Women’s / BIPOC studies, events, and movements. I love traveling, yoga and pilates, hiking, hot-spring hunting, waterfall finding, camping, exploring cities, going to museums, live music, thrift shopping, trying new foods, and just really living life. Existing has been great, and I just look forward to what the future holds.